PG-ulykker ned i Oludeniz

Riktignok ikke et kjempebyks tallmessig men det går i alle fall rette veien. Samtidig er Norge hardest rammede nasjon i ferieparadiset. 

No Longer a Leap of Faith

The year also saw a welcome reduction in paragliding incidents – injuries and crashes – with 19 incidents and one death of a 50 year old Norwegian solo pilot Owind Halvorsen.

18 of the incidents involved solo pilots and many of those incidents were reported in

In 2012 there were 25 incidents, all of them involving solo pilots and none resulting in loss of life.

The reduction in incidents is attributed to new safety measures implemented for 2013.

Tandem paragliding pilots are now required to be licensed and to hold a pilot certificate.

Those licensed pilots are also restricted to making just 5 flights a day to prevent accidents caused by pilot fatigue.

Alcohol checks are performed at the launch sites to prevent drink flyers.

Weather checks can result in the closure of the launch sites

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