Ikke helt i mål men CDB er iallefall reåpnet!

Har sakset det vesentligste i fersk mail fra Ruth Jessop, sjef for «motstandsbevegelsen»:

…Here is the situation: Valderoure is at the west end of the Col de Bleyne ridge. Electricite de France have just said there isn’t enough wind at the Valderoure end of the ridge so no windmills there.

St Auban own the middle bit of the ridge, our mayor in St Auban has always said he would only allow the windmills in the middle of the ridge if Valderoure did it first as the ridge would already be ruined so they may as well ruin the middle bit too and get lots of money. SO we are all keeping our fingers crossed that St Auban will now say that because Valderoure is not doing it, then they won’t do it either.

Col de Bleyne is at the east end of the ridge and belongs to the commune of Le Mas to the north side of the ridge. They really, really want to put the windmills up but they
only have space for 3. They need space for 5 so they need to put 2 on St Auban’s land. So if St Auban say no, which we are fairly optomistic that they will, the Col de Bleyne windfarm won’t happen either….

….One thing that is very positive is that Col de Bleyne has reopened for flying…

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