Dart – liten kombinert PC/mob lader

Grei sak for å få ned vekt og volum i reiseveska! Det vil si såfremt den kan leveres med «norsk» kontakt?

Finally a tiny laptop charger, the Dart will even juice-up your phone at the same time

EDIT angående kompatibilitet, FAQ på https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/215201435/dart-the-worlds-smallest-laptop-adapter
..The plug adapter is a convenient way for people, who live in a country that has a different plug type, to try out the Dart (with U.S. prongs). We recognize that the plug adapter adds cost and size to the overall solution and isn’t optimal. If you live outside the US and already have your own plug adapter, you should select the $90 (PC laptop) or $169 (MacBook) reward. These rewards ship internationally for an additional $15 and don’t come with a plug adapter. These rewards are also perfect for people who live in a country that uses US prongs. In 2015, we expect to be selling a Dart that has built in European and other worldwide plug types (no plug adapter needed).

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