Pilot savnet etter PWC in Sun Valley

Paragliding World Cup, Sun Valley: Guy Anderson, Organiser’s Statement

Guy Anderson har ikke SPOT:

«** When flying Sun Valley a SPOT is highly recommended.  It’s basically the best thing for almost-live tracking in this type of mountainous terrain.  SPOTs are mandatory for next week’s Open Distance Comp.»


VIDEO – Lost in Thin Air

Lost in Thin Air from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.

Filmed during Paragliding World Cup, Sun Valley, Idaho. An epic 200km task across immense and remote terrain at altitudes of up to 18,000ft.

This video is dedicated to Mike Pfau and his team, who made this flight a reality.


Soundtrack: Black Lead by Death in Vegas


REKORD – verdens lengste fjell-fridistanse?

Egentlig greit å dele inn slik i underklasser, flatlandsflyging er jo som kjent enklere mht til å fly langt. Men, som artikkelen tar opp, det kan være et problem å definere hva som er en fjelltur eller ei. Hva om en den går hovedsakelig gjennom fjellområder men avsluttes med litt flatland?

Nate Scales pushes U.S. mountain record to 319km

VIDEO – My Paragliding Highlights – 2011-2012

My Paragliding Highlights – 2011-2012 from Gaël Lafond on Vimeo.[break]

A mix of some nice paragliding shots I did using my Go Pro HD between early 2011 and July 2012.
Shot in the following location: Orcier, Mieussy, Chamonix, Annecy, Le Revard, Montreux (CH), a place near Crested Butte (CO, USA).

Denne fortjener full skjerm!Smile

LiveTrack24 versus SPOT

Live tracking VS SPOT at Big Spring
Fint med fyldige data men så var det sikkerheten da..Wink

«Q: This is a really cool app… can I get rid of my SPOT now ?

A: Think about that decision carefully. A SPOT tracker sends up a distress signal via L-band satellite, which is then dispatched globally based on where the signal came from. It has one, and only one purpose – to save your ass. While our tracker client can do a lot, it does need a cellular data connection to get the data out. While coverage is good in much of the world, I still personally fly in places where (from time to time) I get no signal at all.»