TIMELAPSE – Yosemite Highlining

Yosemite Highlining from Peter Thompson on Vimeo.

Highlining is super fun, Yosemite is the place to do it. This October some friends and I spent the month exploring one of our favorite tools for mind expansion, the highline. Most all of the shots were taken with a GoPro with a few exceptions. Most of the pictures were taken by myself and AJ Frye and a few were taken by the occasional random semi-professional tourist that would be walking by.

Sierra Safari Expedition – tøff Vol Bivouac!

«…On September 14, Reed, McClurg, Laurens, Nick Greece, Brad Sander and Oriol Fernandez, members of the so-called , launched from Walt’s Point (4,028’) near Lone Pine, California. Their goal: to fly the length of the Sierra Mountains all the way to Oregon or, should conditions permit, the Canadian border…»


124.5 miles – ny Nevada-rekord

«As he stood atop a ridge in Kingsbury, Nev., around noon on a sunny September day, Haase, a self-described over-achiever, had his sights set at the typical height.

“I said to the group, ‘I have two goals today — one is to break the Nevada distance record. The other is to make it to Oregon and break the U.S. distance record,’” Haase said.»

Paraglider breaks Nevada record 

Mer moro med PPG? :-)

Patrick Tarmey tråkker i salaten igjen, denne gangen pga mekanisk feil.

“I guess I can’t stay out of the news,” he said…. Tarmey, who owns a paragliding business, gained notoriety last week when he was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace after his flight over Salem on Sept. 11 stopped traffic and prompted several phone calls from concerned citizens.
Paraglider rescued from island after his equipment breaks