Dagens sitat – a blonde moment..

TOURIST – Me and my partner are interested in going paragliding in turkey but we are travelling with two kids age 12 and 8, so we do not think this is possible , has anyone with kids managed to do this and if so how?

DESTINATION EXPERT – Easy way would be to do it at separate times so always one of you could be with the kids.

TOURIST – Oh god I didn’t even think of doing that! 🙂


TOURIST – Blonde moment ….

Dette er ikke en blondinevits! Du finner hele «chatten» her:

VIDEO – Paragliding accident

«This guy looks like he has no idea how to fly the sail, should have bought a monopoly set instead. A little less real world risk. Really lucky he hit water and not dirt or concrete.»

Igjen ser vi at paragliding er vanskelig å forstå for menigmann! Heldigvis korrigerer fornuftige kommentarer «ekspertens» framstilling..