Dramatisk i Winelands Open 2012

Andre Rainsford ble vinner av konkurransen – Resultater
Siste dagen involveres han i et stygt krasj:

…There were three of us racing hard in front of the field half way through the last task.  We had taken the turn point on the ridge and were headed back when Andrew took a violent and irrecoverable collapse meters from the cliff on the northern side of a big gorge.  By the time he took a third full body blow tumbling down the cliff my mind had already accepted that no animal could survive such violence.  I watched Stefan Schmoker take a fatal hit in Valle in 2009 and this seemed ten times worse…


Cape Town – høyt erstatningskrav etter tandemulykke

A UK tourist whose holiday went awry when she was injured in a paragliding crash, which left her wheelchair bound, is suing for millions.

Diane Berwick, 43, of Tyneside, suffered a string of injuries – including a spine fracture that resulted in paraplegia – when she was on a tandem flight on a paraglider that hit a mountain slope in Hermanus.


Et eksempel på at det gjelder å alltid ha papirene i orden før flyturen? R20 millioner er mye penger, ca 13 millioner norske kroner.