VIDEO – Into the Blue

Into the Blue from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.[break]

Hanging from 1mm thick kevlar lines and ripstop nylon, I take my paraglider on an adventure deep into pure Canadian wilderness, near Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada. Filmed during the 2012 Canadian National Paragliding Championship.[break][break]

Sountrack: Butterfly featuring Mimi Page by Bassnectar[break]

Canadian Nationals i Pemberton

«The competition is in a category just below the world championships, so there’s an elite group of pilots coming out for the event. Multiple-time French champion Denis Cortella will be one competitor to watch, as will Hungary’s Pal Takats.[break]
“He makes birds look disgraceful the way this boys flies,” Orava said of Takats.[break]

Canadian Will Gadd is also expected to be a factor, while Orava, Samson Danniels and Jayson Faulkner are among some of the locals in the field.

But while there will be a world-class field on hand, the event will also look to accommodate less experienced pilots. The top pilots have been asked to mentor novices throughout the competition, while some like Cortella, Takats and Gadd will lead seminars on competitive flying and fundamental techniques.»