2- eller 3-liner?

Denne diskusjonen er for Advance Omega 9 men gjelder i prinsippet alle merker.
Julian Molina sitt innlegg (sitatet) dekker mitt og trolig mange XC-piloters syn. Jeg ønsker ikke å fly en 2-liner som f.eks ikke tåler regn!

«The market for XC oriented EN D’s has not disappeared and it should be fulfilled. There must be a small reduction in the number of pilots in that market, as the ones that where interested in competing in the serial class may have already moved to the EN C (sports) class. However, I tend to think that group of pilots is rather small.

There is no other reason I can think of why leisure XC pilots that had been flying the regular EN D gliders would want to move to anything else. If the manufacturer can produce a regular EN D glider better than the previous generation like it has been the norm in past, then they should do it as the market is still there.»

Advance / Omega 9 (EN-D) (Rumours)