Guy Anderson funnet i live!

Lykkelig slutt på letingen etter den savnede PWC-piloten:

«Further information when we returned to debrief was that he had crashed his paraglider on the side of a hill, no reserve deployed, and had crawled/walked downhill (leaving his gear behind) for 1-2 miles.  When found he was still mobile but had multiple broken bones.  Good news though was that he still had at least a liter of water left on him so had possibly found a stream over the past 48 hours. «

Guy is alive!

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Pilot savnet etter PWC in Sun Valley

Paragliding World Cup, Sun Valley: Guy Anderson, Organiser’s Statement

Guy Anderson har ikke SPOT:

«** When flying Sun Valley a SPOT is highly recommended.  It’s basically the best thing for almost-live tracking in this type of mountainous terrain.  SPOTs are mandatory for next week’s Open Distance Comp.»