Advance Omega X-Alps 2 er sluppet løs!



Da er leveransen av X-Alps 2 i gang og de første inntrykkene ute på nettet.

Urs Bleichenbacher / :
I have my Xalps 2 since one week and had the opportunity to fly it once in medium thermal conditions.
I am very satisfied with the glider though it is completely different than the Xalps 1:
– less absorbing turbulences, so very direct feedback what is going on; helps you centering thermals easier
– the glider feels ‘harder’ … obvious … see performance
– less brake travel, therefore slightly harder pressure
– little more agile
– climbs much better, easy to center
– better performance overall, espescially against the wind
– speed performance feels good, though I did not have the chance of a comparison
– all in all more dynamic
– safety: cannot say anything until now
Al in all the glider is more demanding, but gets you lots of fun and I am looking forward to the next flights.
…. and I am not allied with Advance flying other gliders from Swing, Ozone, etc.