Ny (uoffisiell) XC rekord for kvinner i Australia

Klippet fra Nova sin siste nyhets-mail:

Launching from Greenacres (Deniliquin), Kari Roberson flew an (unofficial) new Australian Women’s Record. On January 20, the NOVA team pilot covered 297.65 km in 7h:16 hours, piloting her Mentor 3 with an average speed of 41,28 km/h. 
She wrote to NOVA: «This flight is a good example of the performance of the Mentor 3 and the type of flights that can be done on it 😉 it is a tremendous glider! While it doesn’t have the ‘refined’ handling of the Factor 2, I think the performance is similar if not better and I love how solid it is in turbulent, windy conditions during low saves. I am also super impressed with the climbing ability – it tracks beautifully into thermals and climbs superbly even though I am overloading my XS at about 93 kg (I have to carry at least 7-8 liters of water here in case I land out in the 40′ C temperatures!).» (» Link to the Flight ) 

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