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Niviuk Artik R – First impression

The Artik R is the easiest 2-Liner ever built from Niviuk. It offers the legendary comfort and handling of the Artik 6 with the stability and rear riser feel of a real 2-Liner. The Artik R is easy to control on the rear risers in turbulent air. It’s inviting to use speedbar and control it on the B-handles. It likes to pull forward when flying on Bar, so you have to catch it quick sometimes. The pressure on the B-Handles is moderate, neither very hard, nor very soft, just as we like it.

Like all En-C 2-Liners it has rather small openings on the leading edge, but it still launches nicely, even forward in no wind. If you put it on the ground, the Nitinol makes it half filled already. Only the bottom skin is light material, the top skin is all made of a more durable fabric.

Even on strong wind take offs it doesn’t overshoot. It comes up like an Ozone wing and just waits there for you, that makes strong wind take offs much more easy!

The Artik R is a very soft wing, it moves in itself a bit, more than other wings with the same aspect ratio. Very similar to a Zeno 2 we think. We don’t see any negative point about this, most modern wings tend be be more soft and have less tension on trailing edge.

The Artik R is very turn-friendly, you can recenter it well for a 2-Liner. It’s an agile wing, even on the B-Risers you can steer it very easily and pull big wingovers. The brake pressure is rather firm like all Niviuks, but not crazy hard. It gets hard before it stalls if its loaded at top weight range.

We tried once at the bottom weight range and didn’t like it. It gets easy to spin without becoming hard first. It really felt too big. We really recommend to use it in the recommended weight range or slightly above.


The Artik R is a semi-light construction like the Artik 6. It has long rods for better performance, all Nitinol rods. So when you order one, it comes packed like an A-Wing in a normal bag, not with a sausage bag. We put our Demos even in a Gin Compressbag, that works well and packs them up really small. The Artik R only has a light fabric on the bottom skin, the top skin is all made of more durable fabric. All lines apart from the brake lines are unsheathed Kevlar, which is standard on 2-Liners.

What we like about the Artik R

  • Turn-friendly like an Artik 6 without the soft ears
  • Easy take off from tailwind to strongwind
  • Great intuitiv control on the B handles
  • Nice pressure on the Bs; not to hard, not too soft
  • 5 sizes, a 29 for heavy pilots or pilots that wanna fly with ballast
  • It’s cheaper than other brands (650.- cheaper then a Photon here in CH)
  • Comes with Nitinol rods and can be packed very small if needed
  • It’s a semilight concept like the Artik 6

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