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Getting High In Norway The first paraglider to land on  top of 
Norway`s highest mountain.
Frode Halse Cross Country 34/1993
The Ultimate Nightmare Forgetting to fasten the tigh straps.... Frode Halse Cross Country 43/1996
Trapped Inside a cumulus nimbus ! Frode Halse Cross Country 52/1997
XC The Norwegian Way Describing where and how you go XC
in Norway.
Frode Halse Cross Country 63/1999
Unspoilt Norway
A list containing the most popular flying 
sites in Norway.
Frode Halse Cross Country

Cold Euphoria In Norway Breaking the 150 km barrier in Norway thus beating the nine years old national free
distance record.
Frode Halse Cross Country


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FRIDISTANSE.NO           FRONT PAGE News column. Overview of the website`s content.


A list naming the pilots and the events when they  broke the 100 kilometres barrier in Norway. 
KLUBBEN                             THE CLUB           An informal club for pilots having flown  100 kilometres+  flights with  a paraglider in Norway. The club`s founder (in english)
PIONERFLYVING        PIONEERFLYING Pioneer paragliderflights done and about to be done in Norway!
FOTOGALLERI           PHOTOGALLERY  XC-routes covering the most  popular and scenic terrain  in the mountainous heart of Norway. Pointing at the photoes will give you info in english.           
LINKER                                       LINKS Connecting you to private sites, clubs, organisations, magazines and paraglider- manufacturers.
VÆRDATA                   WEATHERDATA Different sources for weather-data. 
ARKIV                                    ARCHIVE Archive
GJESTEBOK                     GUESTBOOK        Say hello to the norwegian XC paragliding community !   

Articles and photocollections listed but not hyperlinked will soon be available.

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