Rekordlangt i mars måned.

Geir Inge, kald men fornøyd? (foto: Stein-Are Skogeng)

Kan ikke huske at noen tidligere har flydd så lang fridistanse i mars. Gutta startet fra Heidal/Espestra i dag. Stein-Are Skogeng måtte gi seg i Vågå pga dårlig dagsform. Geir Inge Lindviksmoen fortsatte, og snudde på Bråtågrendi etter ca 88 km fridistanse før han fløy tilbake til Bismo. Var visstnok røffe forhold i dag!
(EDIT: Landing i Bråtågrendi!)

Dette er Geir Inge sin tredje strake Årsbeste denne sesongen, vi gratulerer!

Tur ikke logget ennå, kommer her – flightlog – 2023-03-31 – XC

Fabrikkspakking! (foto: Stein-Are Skogeng)

Niviuk Artik R – førsteinntrykk

Klippet fra

Niviuk Artik R – First impression

The Artik R is the easiest 2-Liner ever built from Niviuk. It offers the legendary comfort and handling of the Artik 6 with the stability and rear riser feel of a real 2-Liner. The Artik R is easy to control on the rear risers in turbulent air. It’s inviting to use speedbar and control it on the B-handles. It likes to pull forward when flying on Bar, so you have to catch it quick sometimes. The pressure on the B-Handles is moderate, neither very hard, nor very soft, just as we like it.

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Test av Niviuk Artik R

Pilot er anerkjente Ziad Bassil:

NIVIUK Artik-R size 23
If you already read my previous test about the Artik 6 , then you surely felt that I really appreciated that overall complete glider. Now as the C certification allowed the use of collapse lines and other changes, Niviuk released to the market their new C class model, with its 2-line version and with a 6.5 aspect ratio.

I have flown the size 23 which is certified from 80-95, and NIVIUK recommends the optimum flying weight of 87-92.
I flew that glider at 88- 92- and 95 all up on my X-rated 6 harness.
The Artik-R has a really nice construction and the finishing details are really impressive. I think NIVIUK has made it a step further in delivering a really neat high quality product which is clearly shown when you unbox it.

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