Ny verdensrekord

Klippet fra Cross Country Magazine sin Facebook-side:

Congratulations to FRANK BROWN, MARCELO PRIETO and DONIZETE LEMOS from Team Sol who have broken the Paragliding World Record.

They flew 513km from Tacima in the north east of Brazil to land in Monsenhor Tabosa in the state of Ceara on Friday 9 October.

The pilots were in the air for 11h20mins after taking off at around 7am. The exact distance is still to be confirmed, and the flights will have to be ratified with the FAI for it to stand as a WR.

Drøy påstand?

“You (paragliding) are the most polluting one. You throw plastic, foil papers, water bottles and other waste, etc. and say you don’t pollute. We are not going to allow you like this. Show us the bona fide intent that you want to comply with our orders. Don’t think that by making a hue and cry you will get an order in your favour. We will impose a cost of Rs 1 lakh on you, if you will not ensure cleanliness.

Green Tribunal refuses to allow paragliding in Rohtang