Dagens sitat – a blonde moment..

TOURIST – Me and my partner are interested in going paragliding in turkey but we are travelling with two kids age 12 and 8, so we do not think this is possible , has anyone with kids managed to do this and if so how?

DESTINATION EXPERT – Easy way would be to do it at separate times so always one of you could be with the kids.

TOURIST – Oh god I didn’t even think of doing that! 🙂


TOURIST – Blonde moment ….

Dette er ikke en blondinevits! Du finner hele «chatten» her:

Nordic Open 2013

Mads Syndergaard ønsker å være arrangør også denne gangen, og er imøtekommende selv om det ikke skulle  bli slik!

«As always, remember that if my bid isn’t accepted, and someone else’s is, the domain www.nordic-open.eu is still available for the winning bid organisation to use, plus whatever else I can contribute with.»

Nordic Open 2013 bid